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Thanks for your interest in being part of the Childbirth and Parenting Education Conference – CAPEA 2022.  Our conference theme 'Riding the Wave of Change in Childbirth and Parenting Education' has been chosen to inspire presentations about new approaches to the many aspects of education and skill development throughout the pregnancy, birth and parenting journey. You are invited to submit an abstract to be presented as either a demonstration or oral presentation on a topic relevant to one of the conference sub-themes outlined below:

conference themes

Birthing: 'Seachanges'

Identifying the waves of change in birthing practices and supporting positive births

Education and Technology: 'Breaking Waves'

Adopting technology to provide efficient and personalised childbirth education. 

Breastfeeding: 'Calm Waves'

Empowering breastfeeding women in times of change

Fathers: 'Full Set of Waves'

Championing the roles of fathers in childbirth and parenting of their children and family

Diversity: 'Choppy Waves'

Embracing the richness of diversity for personalised childbirth education

Parenting: 'Riding the Waves'

Finding strength, position and balance in parenting. 

Across all themes, we are keen to hear about the topic of COVID Impacts: 'The Tsunami' - The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the provision of Childbirth and Parenting education services.

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